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Ted Terranova: Response to Email about Position on Walmart/Density

by on October 1, 2013

Hi Ted,

  Thanks for the info.   I don’t know if you know or not, but I am opposed to many of the changes being made in the name of redevelopment in the triangle area.  Can you tell me your stand on them?  Or better yet, post your thoughts on Facebook on StopArvadaWalmart?  I am copying in Cindi Kreutzer from that organization in this email as SAW is very interested in your answer.


Christine Duncan

I am not a “Facebook” kind of guy- maybe I need to be. You are welcome to forward this email to whoever you wish. First of all- One of the reasons I entered this race was to be able to be an influence on what may happen next about Wal-Mart. Keep in mind the decision to allow the “type of development” is no longer an issue or referendable. Next- I fully support an attempt to put the financing question to a vote of the people- You cannot go wrong when the “people” speak. However, if the vote does occur and passes- the best hope for the opponents is a District Council representative that keeps his/her face in the process ALL along the way. I have seen projects like this get approved one way and end up another. IF- Wal-Mart becomes a reality I intend to keep a watchful eye on these matters for mitigation specifically. Because I am an experienced former Councilman and have a personal relationship with most of the current Council I believe I would be in the best position to “protect” the District of the current candidates.

Now, if this financing issue does go to a vote and the people reject the concept, keep in mind the developer and Wal-Mart MAY still go forward.

So what I am saying is while I respect the intention of SAW- they need to keep in mind a plan B just in case they are not successful at their efforts.

Now if Wal- Mart becomes a dead issue- there is still the question of what to do about the Triangle area. I would hope that if the Wal- Mart fails because the people say they do not want it that the entire city government needs to rethink what to do. Maybe nothing until something really good comes along that more of the neighbors can buy in to. I do not believe in jamming things down people throats- I would prefer to kindly spoon feed until there are some meetings of the minds. T.O., had asked me to speak to some group about the Wal- Mart issue before the vote was taken by Council. He presumed I was in favor of it. I said- You got the wrong guy- I am really concerned about the negative impacts related and am not completely convinced that the mitigation proposals go far enough. He assumed I was a “Chamber type” – while way back in the past I was the President of the Chamber- I am currently not a member  because I am not completely convinced they want what is best even for our “existing” business which could be negatively impacted by a Wal- Mart. Finally- I must say my wife HATES the idea of a Wal- Mart even though it would be 2 or 3 miles from our home. I hope that is helpful in understanding my general philosophies at service on Council- I see it a job of “representation”   


Ted Terranova


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