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Eye On Arvada: Who We Are

by on October 2, 2013

We are a group of citizens in Arvada Colorado who are loosely affiliated by our concern with the actions of City Council.   We have no political affiliation.  We have no funding.

Some members of SAW (Stop Arvada Walmart)  and SAN (Save Arvada Now) were talking and realized that not only did our groups have many members in common, but that there were other groups in Arvada who were literally trying to fight city hall.  It struck us that although all of our members might not agree with each other on all our goals for the city, all of our members did agree that we need to be more vigilant about keeping an eye on our government.  Some members of these groups have been actively involved with city politics for years.  Others have just realized that it is not enough to vote and leave the elected officials to do as they think best.  We all need to keep an eye on what is happening.  We invite other groups who are concerned with city issues to get in touch with us, and write a post about their issues here on this blog.

We will post updates on city council and Aura meetings.  We hope to keep readers up to date with the fight against Walmart in the triangle area as well as the proposed PPOT.

We want to let other Arvada citizens know that we are out there and would welcome their input.  And we want the city council of Arvada, and Aura to know that we are watching.


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  1. After reading Mr. Marriott’s position on PPOT I asked Mr. Terranova to bring us a yard sign to replace Mr. Marriot’s yard sign. Mr. Marriot appears to think there is nothing which can be done to unwrap the “done” deal. Mr. Terranova pointed out the project still needs funding. I observe if the project is without funds, it will not be built. This is not a “done” deal.

    • Jim, I re-read Mr. Terranova’s comments two times, and am not finding where he commented on PPOT. Can you be more specific what you are referring to?

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