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Who Does City Council Represent?

by on October 21, 2013

In a recent interview with Emilie Rusch in Your Hub, Councilman Allard made the following statement: “Councilmen are elected to make decisions, not simply to sit at the meeting and see how many people come down and say, ‘Ive got more signatures than they did and you should do what I tell you because you’re my representative’.”

“It will generate a service that will be available to the Arvada citizens,” he said of the Walmart project. “It will keep the expenditure of money and the sales tax in the city of Arvada instead of going somewhere else outside the city.”

That entire statement should tell us everything we need to know about Councilman Allard. He does not believe he has an obligation to represent the citizens of Arvada and he obviously does not understand where the city sales tax would normally be spent, if it weren’t being given to the developer and AURA instead of to the city’s general fund.

Although the council voted to approve the AURA Executive Director’s 10% raise, the mayor specifically stated that AURA is not part of the city government. So how can the councilman say he knows where that sales tax money will go? We know where the developer and AURA say it will be spent but the city itself is not in control of those funds. 

We don’t know how trustworthy the developer is, but we do know a few things about AURA. We know they sold a valuable piece of property to a different developer for $10. We know they promised a pedestrian friendly, multi-use project and gave us a Walmart supercenter instead. We know that the person who made those questionable decisions pays herself $125,000 a year and adds a bonus of $6000 a year as a “car allowance”. And we know that our mayor appointed himself to the board of AURA and yet believes he can be impartial making a decision about a project he, himself, was instrumental in bringing about.

Councilmembers and the mayor believe that as our “elected representatives”, they should make important decisions for us. But they must also make decisions that are both fiscally responsible and in accordance with the needs and wants of the majority of the people those decisions most greatly affect.

These are just a few reasons why there is a need to keep an “Eye on Arvada”.


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  1. You hit the nail right on the head, Cindi! And, also, the profits from any Walmart race at lightning speed to a paltry few Bentonville, Arkansas, pockets, never again to see the light of day here in Colorado. Research has shown that purchasing from local businesses (including King Soopers) keeps the money circulating here four or five times. Thank you for a great post and I hope we’ll see a lot more from you!

  2. I think Mr. Allard has been involved with the city way longer than he should have. I am ashamed at myself for not paying attention and being involved/educated about my city government. We need a council that is truly representative of the people not an admiration society for the elitist.

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