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City Council Meeting, November 18, 2013

by on November 19, 2013

All Councilmembers were present, including John Marriott, representing District 3. The current Mayor Pro Tem is Mark McGoff.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Public Comment: Nancy Young asked, Does Arvada listen? She gave as an example, the recent Trammel Crow TOD meeting, which was well-attended, but as Nancy pointed out, included only one member of Arvada’s City Council. Young asserted that the Council seems to lack interest in what the citizens think and what they want. She said, “If you are not present, you are not listening…[and] in effect, ignoring the citizens who elected you.”

Additional public comment concerned the Rocky Mountain Greenway Trail, which will eventually comprise hundreds of miles of trails in a network linking open space, wildlife refuges, national parks and community trail systems. Arvada and Westminster will be receiving a grant.

New Business:
Consent Agenda

R13-143 transfers Tower Site lease rights and responsibilities from the City of Westminster to the City of Arvada.

R13-144 allows an increase of $200,000 for chemicals for Water Treatment Plant operations.

R13-145 authorizes paying RTD $355,633 for replacement, relocation, and modification of wastewater lines in the Gold Line Corridor.

R13-146 authorizes Fidelity Management Trust Company to provide portfolio advisory services to police retirement plan participants.

R13-147 authorizes up to $250,000 for office furnishings for the community police stations opening in February at 64th and Kendrick and 81st and Vance. These stations will base police operations out of three sectors, including the present Ralston Road location.

R13-148 allows an increase for purchases of sand/salt material, from $45,000 to $125,000.

R13-149 is for VTI Security Integrators, for video and access control systems at the Arvada Center.

R13-150 amends a July agreement between Arvada and Eagle Software, Inc.

R13-151 relates to potable water system infrastructure improvements for the Leyden Rock Subdivision.

R13-152 accepts sidewalk easements from Cyrus Mfg. Co. and Jamie G. Peth and Janet G. Wright, co-trustees of the Betty Jean Cole Living Trust, pertaining to the West 56th Avenue Sidewalk Completion Project, Project #13-ST-15.

R13-153 authorizes submission of a 2014 Local Park and Recreation Grant to Jefferson County Open Space for Griffith Station Park, which will be near 52nd and Carr streets, across the street from a planned group of nine two-story townhomes.

R13-154 allows a change in contract between the city and Martin Marietta Materials, Inc., for $225,553.75 for milling and overlay on Project No. 13-ST-01.

R13-155 accepts a General Warranty Deed and Utility Easement from Elizabeth D. Wieland, pertaining to 16595 W. 82nd Avenue (near Leyden Rock Subdivision.)

R13-156 ratifies a grant agreement between the city and the Colorado Health Foundation for an expected $1 million the city will receive. The Colorado Health Foundation, founded in 1995, provides grants for organizations that focus on encouraging healthy living.

All resolutions passed, 7 to 0.

R13-157 is for a construction contract to T&M Construction for $243,354 for the Garrison Street Trail, West 57th Avenue to Ralston Road, Project # 13-ST-18. This is part of the CDOT Safe Routes to School program (SRTS.) City Manager Mark Deven recommended approval.

This resolution passed, 7 to 0.

R13-158 approved an agreement between Arvada and Paladina Health, LLC, for a wellness clinic for city employees. The clinic will take the place of a primary physician for those employees who want that option. This plan is expected to save the city approximately $1 million annually, as a self-funded medical model. Discussions have begun with city employees, and feedback has been positive.

This resolution passed, 7 to 0.

Third Quarter Financial Report: Lisa Yagi, Interim Director of Finance, gave a Power Point presentation. The full report can be seen on the city’s website at Yagi said that the expenditures have been about as expected, although there were challenges relating to the Arvada Center. Flood related expenses are expected to be covered by FEMA and the State of Colorado, but Arvada has a reserve fund, if needed.

The city’s General Fund contained about $23 million at the beginning of 2013; revenues are expected to be about $500,000 above projections, while expenditures may fall $500,000 below projections. The excess can be applied to one-time expenditures for the 2014 budget.

Sales tax is up about 5.7% over 2012. Use tax is also growing, faster than expected. Intergovernmental revenues, however, fell short.

Funds are being set aside for capital improvements, including the Gold Line, Ralston Central Park, the Kipling Underpass, and traffic signs and signals.

Controller Bryan Archer spoke about tax increment funds, which are up $100,000 for the year, and the Golf Fund, which is down from 2012. Archer said that the mild weather in 2012 allowed the golf courses to open early, which was not the case in 2013. In addition, the flood caused lost revenue, as did restaurant remodeling.

Archer closed with remarks on the Hospitality Fund, which also suffered a loss through the third quarter, but is expected to rebound in November and December.

Public Hearing: State Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp made announcements regarding resolutions R13-159 and R13-160, which authorize assistance funds to various agencies in the Arvada area. Among the many recipients under R13-159 are Arapahoe House, Jefferson Center for Mental Health, Archway Housing, Catholic Charities, Angel Heart, the Senior Center, Family Tree, Glass Hearts, Hope House, and Interchurch ARMS.

R13-160 approves a Block Grant for Volunteers of America for Meals on Wheels, Ralston House, Food Bank of the Rockies, Caring Clinic, and the Arvada Community Food Bank.

There was no public comment. Mayor Williams disclosed that he provides legal services for Volunteers of America, but that he does not believe there is a conflict of interest. Councilmember Rachel Zenzinger stated that she is on the board of directors of Ralston House, but also does not see a conflict of interest. Councilmember Bob Fifer, likewise, said that he is on the board of directors of the Arvada Food Bank, but that he had no input as to which organizations would be receiving funds.

Councilmember Mark McGoff asked if Catholic Charities and Glass Hearts were new applicants. Kraft-Tharp said this was the first time they have applied; Catholic Charities was faced with a larger than usual need and decided to apply to the city for funds, while Glass Hearts is new to Arvada. It is a mentoring program for new, young fathers, who are partnered with more experienced fathers.

Both resolutions passed, 7 to 0.

Kraft-Tharp then acknowledged, thanked, and commended Vicky Reier, Assistant to the City Manager. Reier is retiring after eighteen years of service to the city.

Reports from City Council:
Councilmember Zenzinger thanked the citizens who participated in last week’s meeting about the Pomona Parcel. She acknowledged a scheduling conflict between that meeting and the TOD meeting with Trammel Crow; she opted to attend the meeting about her own district. Over 100 Arvada residents attended. However, feedback is still being sought, and Zenzinger made a strong point of saying that those who were unable to attend are still welcome to provide comments for several weeks and possibly into 2014. The Arvada city website has a community news article on its front page; at the bottom of that is contact information and also a place to sign up for notifications. No final decisions have been made at this point.

New Councilmember John Marriott had three points to make. He moved to appoint Eddie Lyons the interim chair of the Board of Adjustments until spring of 2014. This seat was held by Marriott and vacated when he took his current seat on the Arvada City Council. The motion was approved, 7 to 0.

Marriott next thanked the citizens and staff of Arvada for making his entry onto the City Council as pleasant as possible.

Finally, Marriott said that he had attended last week’s TOD meeting, and said that it was a good meeting with attendance between 85 and 90 residents. He mentioned that it was well-done, vigorous, and that there were some great comments.

Councilmember Bob Fifer reported on his weeklong meeting in Seattle, WA, as the Colorado delegate to the National League of Cities. One area of particular interest, Fifer said, is digital inclusivity, meaning that lack of access to computers and the internet creates a class disadvantage by disallowing equal opportunity for such things as jobs, education, etc. He said that some cities have non-profit technology centers where residents can receive training on the use of technology. He believes this might be something for Arvada to look into.

Fifer also reported that in some areas, internet providers offer drastic cost reductions to students who receive free or low-cost school lunches. He would like to try to obtain such a program for Arvada.

Fifer then alluded to the problems of cyberbullying and failures in access to emergency 911 services.

Councilmember Zenzinger asked what jurisdiction would prosecute cyberbullying. The city attorney said that Arvada does not currently have an ordinance against that so it would be prosecuted elsewhere.

Councilmember McGoff spoke about his attendance at a Denver University course by the Land Use Leadership Alliance. A main subject of that course was how to reconcile water use needs with water scarcity, when planning land uses. McGoff will be providing thoughts to staff.

Councilmember Bob Dyer said that he attended ten meetings last week. He mentioned that there has been a problem lately with meetings being scheduled in conflict with other meetings. City Manager Mark Deven said that he is working with the city clerk’s office to find solutions, and that efforts will be made to coordinate with Jean at the Visitors Center, in getting meetings on the calendar.

Report from City Manager:
Mark Deven thanked Vicky Reier for eighteen years of “incredible service” to the city.

He also said that there will be a parking enforcement workshop next week, along with recommendations of the Arvada Center Task Force.

Retiring Assistant Vicky Reier expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work for this amazing city and its staff.

Mayor Williams adjourned the meeting.


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